We Seek, We Taste, We Gather

We pound the pavement at our local farmers markets, launch kitchens, and social events to find and bring you the latest small batch products in and around Cleveland.  Because we love our local vendors so much and want you to love them too, we hand select each item to bring you the best of the best.

We Saw, We Pack, We Hammer

We then head back to our workshop where we source wood from the Ohio River Valley to hand build each of our crates with love. We then carefully pack each crate with the latest and best of our local finds.

We Label, We Ship, You Win

This is where our work ends and your discovery begins. We ship our handmade crate filled with small-batch local goodness right to your doorstep…bringing the best of our region right to you and keeping your dollars at work in our local economy.


Come discover how great Cleveland tastes

Seen this week around town…


    Lauren and Danielle are two Cleveland ladies who have worked together ever since meeting while waiting tables in 2010. We share a passion for high quality, hard work, elite customer service, and, most importantly, for supporting our local entrepreneurs.  We believe that shopping close to home and seeking out quality is essential for cultivating a healthy and creative local economy. It is our mission to make it easier for our customers to explore the small-batch entreprenerial scene in NE Ohio, and to make it easier for vendors to experiment and grow by providing a flexible sales outlet. We wake up every day with the passion to move our vendors forward and to keep our customers coming back for more. Please come with us as we continue to reveal both the best kept old-school secrets and the newest  finds in Northern Ohio!


    Each one of our crates are hand cut, assembled, and oiled with care to create a product that is unique, beautiful, and reusable for years to come. We source a mix of domestic soft and hard woods from the Ohio River Valley ranging from White Pine and Poplar to Black Walnut and Cherry. As we discover the contents of each crate, we design different sizes and styles of crates to fit each theme. We encourage you to consider the wooden crate itself as an artistic, long lasting, and distinguishing part of your gift!


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    DistinctCLE – 830 Taylor St – Elyria – OH – 44035